“I draw on my years in France, my travels, and life in the  Grey, Bruce and Muskoka regions of Ontario as an inspiration for landscapes infused with the ephemeral play of shadows, lights, and colour.    The pleasure I derive from working my garden and cultivating flowers is reflected in the glowing colours which drench both flowers and trees in my works.   They often set the scene for an escape back into childhood themes, e.g. “Once in the Heart of the Forest Deep”, or as symbols of  regret, (“Regret”), and reassurance  of renewal (“Tree of Promise).  The future of our Canadian Arctic in these days of global warming is explored in the Canada gallery.   Experimentation in colours, lines and textures is but a means to communicate with the viewer, either through a narrative, pictorial depiction, or at a subliminal level.”


A.A. Simpson, 2016



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